Waste Profile

Aerosol can, bleaching earth, electronic waste, laboratory waste, oil waste, pharmacy waste, rejected material/ product, used packaging, wet battery waste, expired material, lamp waste...
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Pre-Acceptance Process

PPLi operates a fully integrated technical services laboratory in Cileungsi, Bogor which is equipped with a modern physical and chemical laboratory, fully accredited by KAN to ISO 17025 Laboratory Testing, and registered...
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Waste Transportation

All incoming and outgoing vehicles are monitored using CCTV, GPS & manifest documentation, and waste label bar coding to ensure a secure and smooth waste transportation from your facility to ours. Our drivers...
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Solid Waste Treatment

PPLi offers a stabilization treatment for solid waste delivered in non-stable form. Hazardous waste cannot be landfilled until it is certain that the waste is physically and chemically stable.
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Liquid Waste Treatment

Most industrial processes generate liquid wastes in various amounts. The liquid wastes may be hazardous or non-hazardous depending on the type of processes and raw material. We are able to treat various types of...
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Waste to Energy

LWe believe in energy recovery. Taking it one step forward, we have developed facilities that enable us to convert select waste into reusable energy. We are able to convert liquid waste into synthetic fuels through...
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PPLi’s modern hazardous and non-hazardous waste eco-landfill is engineered and operated by professionals to meet Indonesian, World Bank, US-EPA, and EU standards. ...
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Site Services

We have a fully equipped site services team, capable of meeting the demands of customers on a variety of site related projects. Our experienced site services team, has been supporting in drilling projects, oil, gas and...
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Advance Waste Treatment

As our commitment as a Total Waste Management services company, we have also developed special treatment for difficult waste streams, including, but not limited to : lithium batteries, mercury lamps,...
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Drilling Waste Management

Our Drilling Waste Management Services are a customer focused and solution-driven approach for oil, gas and geothermal energy sector drilling projects which optimizes the design, delivery, and management of...
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What sets us apart from our competitors is that we understand how busy you are. Which is why we do all the hard work for you.


PPLI is committed to protecting and enhancing the environment, and updating its practices in line with advances in environmental science and technology.