Drilling Waste Management

Our Drilling Waste Management Services are a customer focused and solution-driven approach for oil, gas and geothermal energy sector drilling projects which optimizes the design, delivery, and management of drilling waste in an integrated menu of services, tailored to suit the specific needs of the customers.

Products, equipment, technology, and services are delivered by highly trained and qualified personnel. Engineered and designed to properly handle most Drill Cuttings Waste encountered offshore and onshore in today’s challenging drilling enviroment, 24 hours a day.

Zero Discharge  Project Summary :

  • Zero discharge at drilling location due to sensitive area
  • Contain SOBM contamined drill cuttings and fluids
  • Transfer drill cuttings, drilling liquid waste, mud and spills, pit cleaning sludge and ship back to shore safely, reliably and in an environmentally friendly way (zero spills)
  • Avoid impairment of drilling operations and ensure the system can be installed and use in offshore oilfield service conditions