Approaching the End of Ramadhan, PPLI and AJPLI Hold Trees Planting and Donate for Orphans

PT Prasadha Pamunah Limbah Industri (PPLI) together with the Alliance of Environmentally Concerned Journalists (AJPLI) are holding a number of activities at the end of Ramadhan 2023.

The synergy that was held on Saturday (15/4) is part of a series of joint activities in the third week of Ramadan. The activity was held in the Babakan Madang area, Sentul Bogor, in the form of planting trees in a corner commensurate with the river in Sumur Batu Village, Babakan Madang District.

The planting of 30 tree seedlings was carried out by members of the media who care about the environment together with PPLI with the support of the Food Crops, Horticulture and Plantation Services of Bogor Regency. Pakuan Raya journalist, Age Teriskhova said that this Ramadan moment is a moment to spread goodness, including to nature. AJPLI feels that nature also needs attention during Ramadan. This tree planting is also carried out to maintain sustainability and prevent landslides along the river.

Responding to AJPLI’s activities, PPLI Public Relations Manager Arum Tri Pusposari appreciated. Arum said that this was in line with the environmental program which was PPLI’s main concern. PPLI supports environmental activities like this.

PPLI, continued Arum, previously also held environmental discussions with students from the Caretaker Environment International Conference (CEI) Delegation in Jakarta, compensation for orphans and distribution of Lebaran packages to the community around the company as many as 3,800 more packages.

Even in this tree planting activity, PPLI and AJPLI also held orphan compensation activities. Inews Bogor Correspondent Cahyat Supriyatna added that in this activity the orphans were also exposed to the importance of maintaining a clean and healthy environment. (atp)