Safety and Environmental Monitoring for PCBs Waste Treatment

During PCBs waste treatment process, regular monitoring is required to maintain air quality and a cleaner and safer environment without leakage. The types of monitoring carried out are:

Measure for Air Contamination :

  • Exhaust from vacuum pumps are pre-treated by activated carbon as a safety net before released.
  • Exhaust from dismantling area is pre-treated by activated carbon before released.
  • Negative pressure operations

Measure to Prevent Leakage :

  • Spill containment (drainage and sump pit)
  • 1% slope of the building floor
  • Floors are coated with epoxy.

Emergency Measure :

  • Automatic fire alarms
  • Chemical fire extinguishers
  • Fire hydrants

Regular monitoring for PCBs:

  • Perchloroethylene in ambient air
  • PCBs in surface water

Quality Control

Quality control is conducted by a qualified analytical laboratory as certified by :

  • ISO/ IEC-17025
  • MOEF Approved Environmental Laboratory.(atp)