Blessings of Ramadan, PPLI Spreading Smiles for Nambo Orphans

Hazardous waste management company PT. Prasadha Pamunah Limbah Industri (PPLI) continues to spread kindness, after providing groceries donation to thousands of people in Klapanunggal, Bogor Friday (22/4), today it’s the turn of orphans in Nambo Village to feel a smile when they receive donations and gifts from a company that has been operating in the area for more than 27 years. These activities are routinely carried out both during Ramadan and other Islamic holidays. The head of the PPLI Labor Union, Arzal Hidayat, stated that the orphans continued to be under the care and guidance of PPLI, Saturday (23/4). The distribution of the aid, continued Arzal, was coordinated by the administrator of the Daarul Ihsan Mosque Prosperity Council (DKM) and held at the Toriqoh Attijaniyah Taklim Council, Nambo Village. He hopes that this donation can make the children happy in Eid al-Fitr celebration.

On the sidelines of the activity, the Head of DKM Daarul Ihsan, M. Hidayat revealed that the compensation activities were not only in the form of cash, but also the distribution of stationery. On the same occasion Ustadz Cecep as the leader of the ta’lim assembly Toriqoh Attijaniyah expressed his gratitude to PPLI and all parties who had participated so that the activity could run smoothly.

One of the orphans who received the compensation, Febri, who is currently in grade 3 elementary school, admitted that he was happy with the donation and the gifts. He did not forget to say thank you while hugging the parcel.

This compensation activity is a collaboration program between organizations within the company whose shares are 95 percent owned by DOWA Ecosystem Co. Ltd. from the country of Sakura, Japan, the PPLI labor union and employee cooperative. (atp)