For Employees Healthy Living, PPLI Holds Blood Donation Again

In addition to efforts to assist the availability of blood at the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI), the routine blood donation program carried out by the hazardous waste management company PT Prasadha Pamunah Limbah Industri (PPLI) is intended to cultivate a culture of concern for others and make blood donation activities a habit.

This was stated by the Public Relations Manager of PPLI Arum Tri Pusposari shortly before the blood donation which was centered in the PPLI Training Center building, Nambo Village, Klapanunggal, Bogor (18/7).

On average, every time a company holds a blood donation event, 100 people register. Arum said that this time it also reached that number, but it was approved after conducting a health check, then there were 87 employees who were allowed to become donors.

PMI representative, Neng Nurfarida, who led the PMI team in taking blood donors from PPLI employees, appreciated this routine activity. For the last few years PPLI has always been with PMI holding blood donor activities. This greatly helps the availability of blood for people in need. From time to time the number of donors here is always increasing. PMI hopes that more and more employees will be educated to donate blood in the future.

PPLI’s Occupational Health and Safety (K3) Manager, Agus Kartiwan hopes that employees who become donors can continue to increase. Because by donating blood, the body will produce new blood. So the body will be fresher and healthier. PPLI wants to familiarize all PPLI employees with healthy living.

This activity is a routine agenda every three months. PPLI also invites partners, clients and the public who want to donate blood to participate in every schedule of PPLI blood donation activities. (atp)