Hino Truck Manufacturer Admits Quality of PPLI Hazardous Waste Transport Driver and Transportation

One of the services of the hazardous waste management company PT Prasadha Pamunah Limbah Industri (PPLI) is the transportation of waste from the waste generator to the treatment facility in Bogor. The land transportation equipment owned by PPLI is generally in the form of trucks from small to large sizes. At least PPLI has more than 70 Hazardous Waste transport fleets.

One of the PPLI truck manufacturers is Hino. This truck and bus manufacturer from Japan appreciates PPLI’s hazardous waste transportation, in addition to engine performance, quality of maintenance to the skills and skills of the drivers. This was stated by the Head of the Hino Training Center Division, Peter Andrew during the Driver Certification activities for hazardous and mass waste transportation. Peter stated that Hino sees that PPLI is very focused, not only on ensuring the roadworthiness of vehicles in transporting hazardous waste. But also focus on improving the ability of the driver.

The head of Hino’s Job Training and Professional Certification Institute (LPK LSP) also sees that PPLI fleet are very good and well-maintained. The use of PPE Drivers is also quite good. This can be an example of how companies should operate hazardous waste transport vehicles. In terms of the placement of the hazardous symbols, Peter continued, it was also clearly visible from all sides. The safety is not only for the driver or the vehicle, but also for the safety of the surroundings that the hazardous transport vehicle passes through. Hino’s own certification and safety driver activities for drivers of hazardous waste fleets were attended by more than 35 people. From this program, Hino will then issue certifications for participants.

Responding to this appreciation, PPLI Public Relations Manager, Arum Tri Pusposari expressed her gratitude and emphasized the company’s commitment to prioritizing safety in the process of transporting hazardous waste, both the driver, the vehicle and the environment through which the vehicle passed. PPLI’s hazardous waste transportation is equipped with GPS (Global Positioning System) to monitor vehicle movements. Monitoring from the control center is also connected with the drivers to ensure the waste safely reaches its destination. There is an SOP (Standard Operational Procedure) that every driver and co-driver must follow when operating the vehicle. (atp)