From Ministries to Dentists Explore Synergies with PPLI

Hazardous waste management company PT Prasadha Pamunah Limbah Industri (PPLI) continues to be a reference for a number of parties for dealing with hazardous waste. Within a week, the two institutions are optimistic that they can synergize with PPLI.

On Friday (10/6) the Ministry of Industry team reviewed the waste treatment technology owned by PPLI. The Ministry of Industry team, Daniel Ibrahim said that PPLI is the largest waste treatment facility in Indonesia, has buildings and facilities that are neatly arranged and clean, with regular management of human and vehicle traffic at the plant.

He promised that after the visit he would provide guidance and encourage the industry to be committed to environmental management and to be able to make good use of management facilities such as PPLI.

Less than a week, on Monday (13/6) PPLI again received a visit from the Indonesian Dentist Association (PDGI) foundation to see firsthand the hazardous waste management industry, which is the largest in Indonesia.

Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the PDGI Foundation, Hananto Seno at the PPLI Training Center building, Nambo village, Klapanunggal Bogor conveyed his visit as a form of exploring the cooperation between the PDGI Foundation and PPLI in the treatment of medical waste generated by the practice of dentists in Indonesia.

Looking at the quality and waste treatment technology owned by PPLI, the former SBY presidential doctor is confident that PPLI is professional and able to handle medical waste from dentists throughout Indonesia.

Adding Seno, the General Chairperson of the PDGI Foundation, Drg Zulkifli Nasution, who is also a retired TNI officer, admitted that he has 43,000 dentists throughout Indonesia and more than 30 thousand dentists who have dental clinics. Before getting a license to practice, a dentist must have a number of conditions. One of them is required to cooperate with hazardous waste management companies or build their own waste treatment plants. The second is probably difficult to do because of the weight of the requirements. Chances are the first, synergy with hazardous waste management companies.

Responding to these visits, PPLI’s Public Relations Manager, Arum Tri Pusposari, admitted that PPLI is ready to synergize with all parties in preserving the environment from hazardous waste pollution. (atp)