PPLI Committed To Enhancing Onsite Treatment Innovation For Long Term Business Survival

Klapanunggal – Delegates from subsidiary company of Dowa Holdings Japan from Myanmar, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia attended Drilling Waste Management Technical Workshop at the Integrated Waste Management Facility of PT. Prasadha Pamunah Limbah Industri (PPLI) for two days from 30 January to 31 January 2018.

During the visit and training, the PPLI Drilling Waste Management (DWM) team led by Bayu Setyawan as Head of Division presented the basic drilling operation, drilling waste management services and future’s innovative technology challenges in-line with PPLI commitment to reduce waste receiving. The participants were also attending workshop equipment training to directly physically see and run DWM drilling equipments owned by PPLI. Bayu said the main purpose of this training is to share knowledge and experience about drilling operation and its correlation with DWM services as well as to understand and sharing each country main service lines, develop group to share and potential joint services and technical assistance among the countries within DOWA group.

“Since the participants were mostly not coming from oil and gas background presenting oil and gas especially basic drilling operation had become new knowledge to all, and amazingly was revealed even though PPLI – DWM was formed since 2009 but some of PPLI’ participants were still unable to understand basic concept of DWM services, thus this first technical training has opened internal and overseas participant perceptions to have better understanding to strengthen “Drilling Waste Management Integrated Services” concept,” said Bayu. (31/1).

In the last three years oil and gas business has been experiencing in a crisis and declining global economic conditions with oil production flooding the market resulting very low oil price, companies engaged in this industry must find a way to survive with new innovation, one of them by developing advanced mobile treatment technology that capable massively reducing the amount of waste offsite disposal. The company agrees and move forward with new inventions, ideas, system to achieve waste minimization concept. Bayu said PPLI needs to transform business concept to offsite waste treatment into onsite solutions. “PPLI is to survive for another decades when onsite treatment technology is greatly enhanced as this will be key of future oil and gas nature business, efficient, cost based and prompt solution,” added Bayu.