PT. PPLI Business Continuity Through Covid-19 Crisis

To PT. PPLI Customers

Dear Sir/ Madam,

In connection with the Covid-19 virus pandemic that occurred in Indonesia and globally, PT. Prasadha Pamunah Limbah Industri (PT. PPLI) intends to present an overview of responses to this matter. As the number of affected areas has expanded locally and globally, we have been working very closely with our health provider partners and subject matter experts to monitor the spread of the virus daily and take appropriate, responsible actions.

Our first commitment is to our people, working to protect their health and safety while minimizing the impact on your business and operations. In this letter we attach key elements of our crisis management strategy are including measures we have taken to reduce exposure while minimizing business impact and planning for business continuity. Referring to the attachment that currently PT. PPLI is at Level 1 condition that PT. PPLI continues to operate normally under measurement of Social Distancing.

Therefore, the waste collection scheme will follow the policies of each local government but is limited to the path or route of waste collection to PPLI facility in Bogor. If you could grant us with information of expected tonnage of your forecast waste volume, it would be helpful to arrange the waste collection. If there are other requirement related to scheduling, witnesses, waste administration or invoice, please contact our customer service office at +62 21-8673333 or email to

We also want to take this opportunity to convince you that, as your strategic partner, we are committed to running our business in the safest way to fulfilling our obligations for your satisfaction. We invite you to maximize our collaboration because working together is the strongest defense we have against this and any future health threat.

Thank you for your understanding and full cooperation.

Yours Faithfully,

Nobuhiro Yasui

President Director


Our key efforts to minimize exposure have been focused on defining risk-based levels to enable us to manage the related geographical risk and facilitate effective communications and management of crisis and emergency processes.

PPLI Covid-19 Risk Levels

Three levels have been defined to set company actions based on government advice (Gugus Tugas Percepatan Penanganan Covid-19) to help us minimize health risk while also minimizing business impact. These are:

  • PPLI Covid-19 Level 1

Government advice: Social Distancing

  • PPLI Covid-19 Level 2

Govermnent advice: Large Scale Social Distancing (Pembatasan Sosial Berskala Besar-PMK No.9/2020)

  • PPLI Covid-19 Level 3

Government advice: National or locally Lockdown

PPLI Action Plan

  • PPLI Covid-19 Level 1

We try to continue nomal operation under measurement of Social Distancing, except the case our employee is infected with Covid-19.

  • PPLI Covid-19 Level 2

We continue operations in limited resources that might impact to waste collection schedule and waste receiving capacity.  In the case of our employee is infected with Covid-19, this would be placed under further review.

  • PPLI Covid-19 Level 3

We will announces temporary suspension of waste collection schedule, waste receiving and waste treatment facilities. (atp)