December 17: PT. Prasadha Pamunah Limbah Industri (PT. PPLI), a company engaged in hazardous and non-hazardous waste management in Indonesia is planning to build a waste treatment incinerator that is planned to be operational in 2021. PT. PPLI, located in Bogor, West Java, is a subsidiary of DOWA ECO-SYSTEM CO., LTD, which is part of the DOWA HOLDINGS CO., LTD group based in Japan.

Indonesia has a population of over 250 million people and has been growing economically which is also supporting foreign investment and infrastructure development. However, Indonesia only has a limited number of companies that are capable of treating the industrial and municipal hazardous waste. In particular, incinerators, only a few are capable of processing hazardous waste.

PT. PPLI has a final disposal facility known as landfill which has been designated as the only fully permitted final disposal of hazardous waste in Indonesia, and provides comprehensive waste treatment services including waste transportation, conversion of waste to energy (waste-to-energy), segregation and waste recycling, waste water treatment, and landfill.

Through an incinerator breakthrough, it is possible to eliminate hazardous toxic from materials that are not suitable for waste-to-energy or landfill technology. One of waste type that can be treated with incinerator technology is medical waste generated from health facilities such as doctors’ clinics, hospitals, dental practices, laboratories, medical research facilities, and animal clinics. Medical waste generated in Indonesia especially in big cities is a serious problem because the infectious content of waste must be handled properly.

In addition, the incinerator is a vertical stoker type, which has been operated in Singapore, which is also a subsidiary of DOWA ECO-SYSTEM CO., LTD since 2017, which has significantly reduced CO2 emissions during the incineration process compared to conventional incinerators.

By increasing the number of acceptable hazardous waste types, PT. PPLI will further strengthen its waste treatment services, by providing solutions to the challenges of managing the increasing amount of hazardous waste in line with economic growth in Indonesia with environmentally friendly waste treatment technologies.

About the New Incinerator

The incinerator to be built will be located in the main facility of PT. PPLI in Bogor, West Java. The plan is to operate in 2021 with the type of waste that can be treated is hazardous and non hazardous waste, both solid and liquid. The processing capacity is 50 tons / day.

About PT. Prasadha Pamunah Limbah Industri (PT. PPLI)

PT. PPLI is a limited liability company in Indonesia which has been in operation since 1994, providing integrated services of collection, recycling, processing and landfilling services for hazardous and non-hazardous waste addressed at Jalan Raya Narogong, Desa Nambo, Klapanunggal District, Bogor, West Java . PT. PPLI is 95% owned by DOWA ECO-SYSTEM CO., LTD and 5% is owned by the Government of Indonesia. (atp)