The Second Year of the Pandemic, PPLI Prepares Thousands of Booster Vaccines for Employees and Surrounding Communities

Even though it’s weekend, Saturday (26/3) 08.00 WIB, hundreds of employees, families and the community come to the Training Center of PT Prasadha Pamunah Limbah Industri (PPLI), Nambo Village, Klapanunggal, Bogor, West Java for booster vaccines, from Astrazeneca, Moderna to Pfizer vaccines, which are provided in 1,100 doses.

Thousands of doses of this vaccine is a booster, or the third dose for employees, families and the surrounding community. From the first dose of vaccine to the booster dose, PPLI was held in collaboration with the Klapanunggal Health Center. Director of PPLI Hiroki Eto, in an interview session at the location, said that it is the responsibility of PPLI to ensure the health of not only employees, but also local residents. It is PPLI’s effort to ensure the health of employees and the community around PPLI.

The head of the Covid-19 Task Force in the PPLI environment, Akhmad Radinal added, a very strict protocol was implemented by PPLI for a full 24 hours every day. The use of masks is a major obligation in all PPLI environments. Complete vaccinations, even booster vaccines, are prepared as a health responsibility for employees and the surrounding community. (atp)