Visit PPLI, DPRD Sikka Regency NTT Admire Hazardous Waste Management in Bogor

A number of DPRD members of Sikka Regency, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), Monday (7/11) visited PPLI, hazardous waste management company. This activity is part of the Commission II field study in an effort to find solutions for industrial and medical waste treatment in Sikka Regency.

This was stated by the Chairman of the DPRD of Sikka Regency, Donatus David when leading a group of representatives of the people of the region, that currently in Sikka Regency, there is only an incinerator in the RSUD. Even then, it is only able to treat medical waste from the hospital itself. Meanwhile, medical waste from health centers and from industry is still become the homework of the local government.

Furthermore, the people’s representative from the PDI-P hopes to synergize with PT Prasadha Pamunah Limbah Industri (PPLI) as a hazardous waste management industry. David hopes that in addition to building cooperation in waste management, we hope that we can also be foster father for the region in hazardous waste management.

At the same location, the Chairman of Commission II of the DPRD of Sikka Regency, Alfridus Melanus Aeng appreciated the hazardous waste management technology carried out by PPLI. Members of the Justice and Unity faction said that the PPLI system is all integrated from transportation, treatment to landfill. Sikka Regency needs support from PPLI. This visit is also part of the improvement of regulations related to hazardous waste management in Sikka Regency. Responding to the visit of the representatives of the people of Sikka Regency, PPLI tried to provide a technical and detailed description of the process and flow of hazardous waste management from collection to landfill.

On the occasion, PPLI’s Senior Technical Engineer and Support Manager, Muhammad Yusuf Firdaus explained about waste management and environmental friendly guarantees provided by PPLI. Yusuf explained that the company, which has been active in Indonesia for 28 years, recognizes that ideally Indonesia, with an area that currently has 4 PPLI-like companies spread across major islands. Yusuf added that to date there has only been one integrated, PPLI only. During the visit, Yusuf took his guests on a tour of the 64-hectare PPLI hazardous waste management area, from laboratory, incinerator, PCBs waste treatment facility to landfill.

Chairman of Commission II Alfridus Melanus Aeng was impressed to see the technology used by PPLI in hazardous waste treatment and hoped for synergies in the future.

PPLI Public Relations Manager, Arum Tri Pusposari hopes that the representatives of the people of Sikka Regency will pass on their knowledge about hazardous waste management obtained from the results of the field study to the local government and industry in Sikka Regency. (atp)