Welcoming National Heroes’ Day, Bogor Journalists Awarded Communities to Environmental Hero Companies

Welcoming National Heroes’ Day, many components of society held positive activities. Not to forget the journalists in Bogor who are members of the Bogor Raya Alliance of Environmentally Concerned Journalists (AJPLI).

This journalist community held a number of activities starting from a workshop called Environmental Care Talk (Ngopling), distributing 3,000 fish seeds and awarding Environmental Heroes to a number of parties.

The activity, which was held at Setu Citongtut, Cicadas, Bogor Regency, was attended by the Bogor Police Chief AKBP Iman Imanudin, a hazardous waste (B3) management company PT Prasadha Pamunah Limbah Industri (PPLI), the Bogor Regency Environmental Service (DLH Bogor Regency), companies around Setu Citongtut, a community of environmental volunteers the Action Waste Collection (GPS) and the humanitarian agency Indonesia Care, environmental volunteers in Bogor, including members of television, print, radio and online medias.

On this occasion, the chairman of the committee, who is also a journalist for akurat.com for Bogor area, Arief Permana hopes that this activity will be able to make many parties aware, including industries that often dispose of hazardous waste into waters or rivers, to be more responsible by treating the waste first so that it does not harm the community and the ecosystem. Arief emphasized that if industries who are unable to manage their waste, they can directly cooperate with companies that treats industrial waste professionally.

His party, continued Arief, has assessed the work of heroism on the environment carried out by a number of parties. This journalist community appreciates and gives awards to the PPLI company, the Bogor Police Chief, and the GPS Community who have consistently helped protect and save the environment from hazardous waste pollution in Bogor area.

On this occasion, several videos of the damage to rivers and Setu caused by industrial and domestic waste were also shown as well as videos of professional and integrated industrial waste management carried out by PPLI waste management company. (atp)