Why PPLi?

  1. PPLI offers a broad, very comprehensive and fully permitted range of waste treatment and disposal solutions. This gives PPLI flexibility and the ability to offer customers a ‘one-stop shop’ for all their waste needs.
  2. Our services result in cleaner environments, better living conditions, healthier communities, and sustainable business activities.
  3. PPLI provides cost-effective and customized solutions to best meet your needs. Your satisfaction is our highest priority.
  4. PPLI is responsible for site closure and post closure care for 30 years.
  5. Continuous Improvement Cultures. We take pride in our full compliance to Indonesia’s regulation. PPLI achieved Third Party Accreditation of its Management System ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO / IEC 17025 by KAN, Laboratory Accreditation by Ministry of Environment, SMK3 and ISO 9001 Management System.
  6. PPLI believes in 4R: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recovery. By implementing 4R concept, we contribute to a better Indonesia.

PPLI Background

First and only licensed waste management facility in Indonesia
Acquired by MAEH group
MAEH 95%: BUMN 5%
2009 Onwards
MAEH acquired by DOWA Eco-System

DOWA Eco-System Co. Ltd is a subsidiary company of Dowa Holdin gs Co. Ltd. established in October 2006 in order to focus more specifically on Environmental Management & Recycling. Dowa was originally established in Japan in 1884 as a mining & metal smelting/refining company.

Medical Waste Management Procedure

Type of Medical Waste Accepted
  1. Sharp objects waste
  2. Infectious waste
  3. Pathology waste
  4. Cytotoxic waste
  5. Pharmaceutical waste, and
  6. Chemical waste
Packaging and Labeling

PPLI staff provide services in medical waste packaging, labeling and containment security to ensure waste is ready for collection, and transportation can be arranged in compliance with the national and international standards.

Waste Manifest are completed by PPLI staff prior to dispatch in accordance with relevant transport and environmental regulations.

Weighing is conducted at customer site to accelerate manifesting process from the waste generator.
Collection and Transportation

PPLI provides refrigerated truck up to -20°C to ensure waste transported comply with national and international standards.

Disposal Facility

The high temperature and appropriate retention times inside an incinerator ensure that all organic waste content of medical waste is completely destroyed. Residual of inorganic content would be collected separately to be disposed at PPLI eco-landfill.