2022, PPLI Again Wins Zero Accident Company Award

For the umpteenth time, the hazardous waste management company PT Prasadha Pamunah Limbah Industri (PPLI) has again won an award from the Ministry of Manpower for serious attention to the safety of its employees in carrying out their work.

This award was given by the Indonesian Ministry of Manpower after assessing the report submitted until December 2021. This award is the fifth time PPLI has received this award.

This was stated by the Manager of Occupational Health and Safety/HSEQ PPLI Agus Kartiwan at PPLI (30/5), that from the Ministry of Manpower stated that PPLI has again received appreciation from the government for its seriousness in maintaining and protecting all its employees at work, we won the zero accident award. This, continued Agus, could not be separated from the application of strict Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) in carrying out hazardous waste treatment activities at PPLI. The use of PPE (personal protective equipment) is a must for every employee with PPE specifications according to their respective divisions.

According to Agus, the number of work accidents at the hazardous waste management company from Japan is recognized as zero accident or zero percent. This appreciation does not make PPLI careless and slacken its attention in terms of work safety.

To maintain the preparedness and vigilance of every worker, OHS simulations are regularly held. The implementation of work safety is a company priority. So far, there have been no incidents of heavy work accidents, or causing fatality.

Work safety that is assessed, Agus explained, is not solely an activity within the company, but also in the process of sending waste from the depo or client to the treatment plant in Klapanunggal, Bogor.

In addition, in an effort to prevent unwanted incident, strict procedures are also enforced for guests who will visit the PPLI site by first following safety induction and assistance when visiting the site.

According to Agus, the company that has won the CSR Award from the Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil has also prepared a clinic with a number of medical personnel. The existence of a clinic so that the handling of work accident and employee health problems can be monitored more quickly and the more severe impact can be minimized if there is an accident.

PPLI itself has more than 600 employees. All employees are also registered in work accident insurance as a form of anticipation and company responsibility. (atp)