Do You Know The Next Step of PCBs Waste Treatment After Oil Draining Process? Part 1

(A little preview) Oil Draining process

PCBs waste in temporary storage will be moved to oil draining area. In oil draining process, PCBs oil will be pumped out from transformers or drums and collected in PCBs oil storage tank. The capacity of this tank is 5 m3. Oil draining is conducted above oil pan box as a kind of preventive action if there is any spill occurred during process. All of this activity is carried out in a controlled area. Furthermore, pumped PCBs oil will be processed in dechlorination and oil regeneration units. The empty transformers will be dismantled and segregated into several types of materials.

Dismantling/ Segregation

The next step is empty transformers will be dismantled and segregated into several types of material such as metal casing, copper, iron, ceramics, or plastic/ paper. Dismantling process is conducted to separate the parts of the transformers according to its type. Metal casing will be cut to adjust and fit with the dimension of autoclave unit (preparation for the next step: decontamination process). Dismantling activities are carried out in a controlled area, where the air in that area will be passed on an activated carbon filter before going out into the environment. Workers for this process are wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) which is comply with safety standard such as respirator, coverall, safety shoes, safety helmet, goggles, and gloves, in order to minimize the exposure to workers.(atp)

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