Learn About Proper Waste Management, The Highest Guard For Justice Seekers Visits PPLI

A number of law enforcers in this country have visited the company that processes hazardous waste PT Prasadha Pamunah Limbah Industri (PPLI). Starting from the police officers from the National Police Headquarters, the law enforcement team of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK), the prosecutors in the Attorney General’s Office environment to the judges of the Supreme Court.

They take turns coming and taking part in field studies at the company that has been active in the waste treatment industry for more than 28 years. The most recent was the visit of 38 judges from the Supreme Court (MA) which took place on Friday (26/8) to the company whose shares are partly owned by Dowa Eco System from Japan.

The last guard institution for justice seekers visited PPLI in the context of certification activities for Environmental Judges (LH) organized by the MA education and training center (pusdiklat).

This was stated by the Judicial Assistant Judge of the MA Pusdiklat, Dodik Wijayanto to reporters after visiting a number of industrial waste treatment plants in PPLI.

Dodik stated that based on SK KMA number 134 of 2011, judges who handle environmental cases must be certified. For this reason, the Supreme Court periodically holds judge certifications, including for environmental judges.

The observation activity to PPLI, continued Dodik, is a series of curriculum activities for judges to achieve environmental judge certification.

Through this activity, it also provides knowledge for judges about how to treat hazardous waste properly and correctly in accordance with the provisions of the legislation.

Dodik also revealed that there are many judges in the regions who handle cases related to hazardous waste. So far, it is only by reading literacy, it is hoped that by making these observations, the knowledge of the judges will be more up-to-date. date and comprehensive.

PPLI was chosen, added Dodik, based on the information obtained, the company is one that is engaged in saving the environment by treating hazardous waste. As for the material (observation), the judges leave it to PPLI, which is an expert, this is a matter of technical ability, so we leave it to the experts in the context of hazardous waste management organizers.

In addition to observation material in the classroom in the Training Center building, PPLI also provided the opportunity for 38 participants of environmental judge certification to tour around using buses to see the waste treatment process. The PPLI party on the tour also conveyed the flow from the beginning how the process of receiving hazardous waste, laboratory, segregation, disposal to finally dumping it on a landfill.

Meanwhile, PPLI’s Senior Technical and Support Manager, Muhammad Yusuf Firdaus, explained that this field observation visit by law enforcement was not the first visit. Yusuf expressed his appreciation for the visits of the judges to PPLI, previously other law enforcers have also conducted similar studies to PPLI. PPLI is always ready to accept any institution that wants to study hazardous waste management. (atp)