Management Note – President Director

Welcome to Our Website.

Dear All Customers, Clients and Stakeholders of PT. Prasadha Pamunah Limbah Industri.

Peace for us all.

On behalf of the company, I the President Director of PT. PPLI, Yoshiaki Chida is proud to announce that we have updated PPLI website at This website will make it easier for you to communicate with us and also serve as our front door to people not yet familiar with our integrated waste management services. Our new website may now be the single most important tool for our customers, clients and stakeholders to find information, quickly and accurately.

On this website, we provide the latest information related to our services such as company profile, our treatment processes and transportation, and news to deliver the latest information related to PPLI business, waste management and environment. We provide our latest communication services through communication channels directly with our sales and customer services officer. We have also updated the organization structure of board of directors on this website. Hopefully through the website we can communicate our services and company profile even better.

We have updated the site with a sharp new look and feel, but we hope to add much more to the online experience than just aesthetics. We have also revamped our navigation to make it more intuitive. We wanted to make as simple as possible for customers, clients and stakeholders to get what they want from our website within a few clicks. It should be easier than ever to find all waste management services we provide, improving your livability, or even just information about what PPLI is doing in the environmental business and community.

Your trust and loyalty has brought PPLI to continue to grow amid the competition in the waste management industry in the country. PPLI continues to be committed to being the best provider of integrated Waste Management Environmental Services in Indonesia, with a commitment to minimize environmental risks to Indonesia.

We are determined not to stop innovating in providing waste treatment services, both Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Waste in order to meet our customer’s needs. We are improving our technologies, communications, web connectivity and other critical infrastructure to make PPLI easier to navigate and highlight. We also continue to develop ourselves to become the leading environmental service provider in Indonesia, while maintaining and improving service quality. In this occasion, PPLI is also committed to always synergize with all stakeholders in giving the best contribution for Indonesia. Hopefully, in the future we can all be better than in previous years and good luck on achieving your new successes. Thank you.

PT Prasadha Pamunah Limbah Industri


Yoshiaki Chida

President Director

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